StreamCentral has been designed to deliver everything from rapidly getting all the data that you will ever want into one place, for MI, BI, analytics, IoT, etc, through to transforming your organisation with predictive analytics by operationalising Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence.

The actionable insights that StreamCentral delivers in real time today are what tomorrow’s digital organisations will depend on to remain relevant.

Digital Transformation

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Delivering Data Driven Insight


StreamCentral ingests large volumes of data, and processes this to identify Events of Interest to your organisation as they occur.


Collecting data from multiple sources, both internal and external to your organisation, static (stored data) real-time (streamed from Social Media, IoT sensors, apps, etc) and correlating it in real time.


StreamCentral deploys Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Data Stream Mining to also predict Events of Interest before they occur, significantly, as a complete operationalised solution.